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Kristin has interviewed several well-known trainers, clinicians and judges.

These articles are featured on this page. Simply click on the linked title to be taken to the complete story.


Since the interviews with Mr. Rohrer and

Miss Hopkins were published, they have

both passed away and are missed by

everyone who knew them.

Mars, PA seems a far-out place for most persons encountering its whereabouts, but for Austrian-born Hubert Rohrer, Mars is a central point connecting countries, people and horses.
Who is that robust man in the trailer, the one who sits at "C"?
The education of instructors to enhance the quality of dressage was Hopkin's goal...the brilliance of her tactful methods of teaching created an enduring foundation.
If you would like information regarding the
Violet Hopkins Fund, please go to and click on
"Funds and Programs".
The WPDA sponsored a discussion with Larry Buseck where he explained the changes to the new dressage rules for 2003. Do you know how much time you have to enter the ring after the bell? It's not one minute anymore - better check it out! There are some other changes, as well...

Waynesburg Fairgrounds
South Western PA Saddle Club Charity Horse Show
benefiting The Humane Society of Greene County

Presenter Kristin Hermann of Coventry Equestrian Center

Demo riders: Jerri Anesetti, Debra Warfield and Susan Kuhn
When Kristin Hermann, of Coventry Equestrian Center, was asked if she would give a dressage demonstration, she already knew what approach she would use...

After riding in my first one-hour lesson with Michelle Gibson, I decided it would be appropriate to design a tee shirt that said, "I survived a Michelle Gibson clinic"...but it was worth it.
Below are two articles about Dr. Gail Hoff-Carmona, well-known "rider, judge, clinician and breeder of Straight Egyptian Arabians".

If asked what type of horse she would advise purchasing for dressage, Gail says she would consider how a horse moves, its conformation and disposition, rather than what breed it is.


Many students at this clinic never had a dressage lesson before, yet Dr. Hoff-Carmona's knowledge of advanced dressage did not hinder her ability to convey the importance of a Training Level foundation.

Test N Train Clinic at Coventry Equestrian Center April 17, 2011

by Kristin Hermann
The Test N Train Clinic at Coventry with Lisa Hall judging introduced riders to the new 2011 tests. We had five riders and about ten auditors, but quality is not measured in numbers, as we all experienced insights from this Bronze Medal trainer and the horse and rider combinations from Intro B to First Level Test 1. (To read more about what these horse and riders learned, click on the title. It takes a few seconds too load since there are pictures - please be patient!)

Cindy Sydnor Symposium - Circle of Energy

New Alexandria, PA
Sept 10th, 2011
Article written by Kristin Hermann

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