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Half Halt and Use of Voice

Questions for New Students

Answers to Students' 1st Lesson Questions

Shoulder Fore, Shoulder In

Stretching a Baroque Horse

Winning at Morven Park

Jane Savoie in Western PA - videos must be opened in a separate window - follow instructions on the page.

Straight Horse or Positioned on a Circle

Riding in the Flow

Hollow or Round with Dr. Deb.

Symmetry in Motion

Posture and Riding

George Morrris Clinic

Going with the Horse, Vs Being Behind the Action

Stretching at the Canter

Down and Out, Round and Deep

Horizontal & Vertical Straitness, and Balance

Posture Affects Horse

Ring of Aids

Flaxseed and Herbs for Horses... Oh, My!

Homeopathy for Horses, Humans, and Pets ~ Oh My!

... In this issue also, is the article, Isabel Werth's Training System Unveiled", by Beth Baumert (excerpts from a good article in Dressage Today.)

Dressage Tips

Is Your Horse "Through"?

The Elbow to Bit Connection

Riding by the Seat of Your Pants

The Seat

Fun in the Sun (Shows), June 2010


Haunches In

Maintaining Leg Position

Photos of Students

Relaxed, Rhythmic, and Round

Riding is Biomechanics

Hands that Listen - Elastic Elbows

Head Tilting

Off the Wall Riding

Turning Your Horse from his Shoulders

Living Your Riding Position

Jane Savoie's Video about Riding on the Outside Rein (also recipes for horse treats!)

Brachstar Signing as Champion

Riding Position the Key to Good Communication

2012 Spanish Norman Registry High Point Award (Feb 2014)

Robin Birk Clinic Report

Winning at USDF Dressage Show

Highlights of Coventry's year

Dressage Poem

The Horse's Shoulders

Keeping horse straight w/ supporting outside rein
Rider turning horse and keeping straight

The Basic Riding Position

Hindquarters Under or Out?

Riding in Alignment

Coventry School of Riding, Gym Training Horse and Rider

Ride Your Horse Forward, Put It Straight

Cindy Sydnor Tips

Game of Contact

Natural Remedies at the Show

Cantering Uphill in Balance

Coventry Riders Win 2012 WPDA Awards

Elastic Contact Starts with the Elbow

New Rider Tests=position=communiction with horse

January 2014 - Notes from Kyra Kyrkland

Abstossen, or Pushing off from the Bit

George Morris Clinic Article

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January 2016 - 2015 Awards, Ming, News

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