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If you are going to read dressage books, read the classics.  Below are some of my favorites. Horsemanship by Waldemar Seunig is the bible of dressage books.  I get many  used books on Amazon and give them away! 

Kristin showing Pernod circa 1980

Creative Horsemanship - Charles De Kunffy

Training Strategies for Dressage Riders  - Charles De Kunffy

Horsemanship   - Waldemar Seunig

The Essence of Horsemanship  -  Waldemar Seunig 

The Complete Training of Horse and Rider – Colonel Alois Podhajski

Dressage Riding - Richard Watjen

Riding Logic - Waldimar Muesler

Horsemanship and Horsemastership - Official Manual of the United States Calvalry at Fort Riley

The Dressage Formula  - Eric Herberman

Lessons with Lendon -  Lendon Gray

Dressage with Kyra - Kyra Kyrklund

That Winning Feeling  -  Jane Savoie

Practical Dressage Manual – Colonel Bengt Ljungquist

Dressage in Harmony – Walter Zettle

The Way to Perfect Horsemanship – Udo Burger

Basic Training of the Young Horse – Reiner Klimke

Centered Riding - Sally Swift

Connected Riding -  Peggy Cummons

The Principle of Riding – German National Federation

The Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship

Happy Horsemanship - Dorothy Henderson Pinch

What Horses Say - Anna Clemence & Julie Dicker

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More Reading for you....


Video Review

Symmetry in Motion is a video by Doris Halstead who wrote the book, Release the Potential. (Read about Doris in the October In Stride.) This is a great video about realignment of horse and rider using myofascial release. The beginning of the tape is a little slow with just lecturing, but as it progresses it shows exercises for both horse and rider. 

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