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What is Dressage over Fences?

Coventry Junior rider over fences

What is a jump? It is a canter stride over a fence.
Jumping is the easy part -- it is what happens between the fences that matters.
Note how this horse is in balance around the turn and stepping into the balancing outside rein.
The rider is looking for the next fence.
This horse is not falling onto its inside shoulder around the turn.
This is dressage over fences - good equitation and riding skills before during and after the fence.


Mister Matthew (Matty) & Kristin Free
Jr. Training Level Reserve Champion.

In the picture below, with Adriana, you can see how soft and willing Matty goes because of his dressage work. It makes his jumping effortless, and in just a plain snaffle.


Matty jumping at his first show of the season. (He had a late start.) He has a new rider this year, so they are getting accustomed to one another over 2'3". Matty is an exceptional horse ( like all of them at Coventry), who shows in both dressage and hunters.

Cross train at Coventry Equestrian Center. Learn basic dressage/training skills to better jump and/or supple your horse. Take lessons learning the KISS method: Keep It Simple Student. Teach your horse how to stretch before, during, and/or after jumping…
Lessons for peewee riders, beginner adults or those who already know how to ride but want to improve their skills… Learn how to bend me, shape me, supple me (rather the horse)…
Our horses are adaptable because they have great basic training, and we compete at mini-trials and events as well as at dressage shows.
Join us in the fun!

Call Kristin for more info:
Phone: 724-206-9902,

or email her at

Take lessons... for further info and pictures, download this ad!

Somerset seems to be enjoying jumping. He is an ex-racehorse, trained by Coventry Equestrian Center, jumping at Hot to Trot series in South Park PA, July 31, 2005. He was Champion at last show, jumping and in dressage. Somerset's dressage training is helping him to successfully move up the Levels and over the Fences....

Somerset at Hot to Trot Series in South Park, PA - July 31/05

George Morris Three Day Clinic at Morven Park, Leesburg, Virginia October 2009
by Kristin Hermann

George Morris gave a three-day clinic at Morvan Park the first week of October 2009. Knowing that this man is an icon of horsemanship and show jumping, I reluctantly emailed the contact person to see if there were still openings. The answer was yes. The next thing I knew we were going to Morven Park to train with George Morris. Having heard all “the stories” about George, our tack was immaculate, our horse well turned out, our clothing classic and simple, and certainly no ‘bling.’ (To read about this awesome clinic click here or on the title.)