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Upcoming Events:

For all events E-mail Kristin for more information. Or, visit our Facebook page.

Calling works too ~  724 206 9902

Upcoming TREA and WPDA Sanctioned dressage schooling shows for 2018 are 
April 22, July 1 and Sept. 30th. Email Coventry's show secretary Katie  for  a show entry:

Contact Kristin Hermann to volunteer:

We have regular jumping lessons on Wednesday with Sue Stepusin 



The Visual Rider Clinic


Hosted by Coventry Equestrian Center

November 2, 3 & 4 2018
Coventry Equestrian Center
452 Old Hickory Ridge Road
Washington, PA 15301

Peggy Brown is the President of Centered Riding and Co-Founder of

Friday evening lecture/Demonstration:
The Visual Rider - $25.00
Private Lesson: $150.00/hour and includes Friday lecture
Semi Private Lesson: $75.00/hour
Group of 3 or more: $55.00/hour (Five rider maximum)
Auditing: $50.00 for weekend or $30.00/day
Stabling (limited): $50.00 for weekend or 35.00/day
$5.00 off to USDF Jr/YR’s, 4-H & pony club members
USDF Credits (course #102860): $5.00
- Concession stand will be open throughout clinic -

Make Checks Payable to:
Three Rivers Equestrian Association

For more information contact:
Kristin Hermann
(412) 296 - 2130

Details to follow ! 

Click here to download the Peggy Brown Anatomy in Motion Flyer

Click here to download the registration form Anatomy in Motion Workshop

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Kristin is available for clinics  to train you how to Home School  your Horse: Lungeing,  Acquiring a good Basic Position, training your horse to be Relaxed, Rhythmic and Round,  Off the Wall Riding to put your horse Straight, Longitudinal and Lateral Suppleness, Stretching,  and Lateral Work... If you need any help schooling your horse to be relaxed, accept the bridle,  lungeing, developing  a top line, cantering  on the correct lead, stretching, shoulder in or leg yielding... ~  call!

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Visiting Trainers -  two jumping trainers, and three dressage trainers. Or, bring our own!

Coventry is one of the few stables that allows outside trainers.  We do not want to tell you who to ride with or which farrier or vet to use for your horse....Outside trainers must have insurance!

Sue Stepuson  comes to Coventry every week to give lessons in hunt seat/jumping. 
For more information (times, dates and  rates) call or email Kristin.

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Mister Matthew, an off the track thoroughbred excells at hunters and dressage

Several horses at Coventry compete as both dressage horses and hunters.
 George Morris would be proud!
Read the article about the two clinics we attended with George under Training Articles...
George Morris actually rode Mister Matthews ( Matty) twice!
Read article here:

Mister Matthew, 1st Level at Lake Erie College

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Mandy Collier student at Coventry showing First Level

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Eli and Valerie (Kristin's student)
Riding in the Test 'n' Train Clinic April 09. Note lovely position and soft contact


Valentino parked himself very neatly in the corner of the dressage ring during a schooling show. He was so prim, proper and polite sitting here, we just had to include his picture!

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Workshops -  Kristin is available for clinics on lungeing, accepting the bit and developing a soft contact, riding your horse straight, half halts, developing the top line with stretching... Learn to use gymnastic training to enhance you and your horse's  training!  Get a group of three or more and lets have a workshop!

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Events, Fun(d) Raisers

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Coventry expects to be offering soon  lessons
 in the Alexander Technigue
 to improve your riding. 
Details coming...

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Flat Stanley visited Coventry during his world tour!

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Coventry  used to host Special Olympics. 
We even took two  riders to compete in the Special Olympic Summer Games. It was awesome!  Here is the link to an article about our adventure!

Coventry took SO to the Summer Games to compete
Read article here

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Coventry Equestrian Center, 452 Old Hickory Ridge Road, Washington PA 1301