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Here are some of my favorite quotes:

From a lecture by Harry Palmer

"Don't let what
you're being
get in the way
of what you
might become"

Stretching quote: The horse is still in a frame just with a longer rein. -Kristin

One of my "trigger phrases" - a thought with a purpose -
a  "training moment" is, of course, every moment you are riding.

The task ahead is never as great as the Power behind. (unknown) 

Here is a quote from one of my students....

"I'm writing for two reasons - first I want to tell you how great your lesson was.  I am so happy to be your student.  Your lesson program is exactly what I need, and I love your barn. I got a chance to read one of your articles on lunging, and it's fantastic mainly in the sense that you allow the reader to completely comprehend the physical mechanics of the movement and also the expectation.  I really appreciate how involved you are in the teaching process."

"Push, don't pull" - K.
"To get your horse on the bit,
keep a straight line elbow to bit,
place your hands out of the pit." - K.
"Ride your horse forward and put it straight" - Steinbreck
"There are magnets in those walls" - Hanna Johnson
"Fluff the reins out to let the horse stretch" - Diana Miller-Howard

Remember the bit is only as severe as the rider's hands. - K.

Wait with weight - Larry Buseck

You can only drive as much as you can hold. - Robert O. Mayer


The No Spin Quote
Here's a spiffy quote from Charles deKunffy:
"The leg energizes; the seat modifies; the hand verifies..."

Do not press your hands down. This breaks the elbow to mouth connection. Keep elbows by your hips. K. Hermann