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Stretching your Horse - Yoga for Horses

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Stretching your Horse - Yoga for Horses
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Yosage - Yoga for Horses !


Train Equine Yosage which is yoga for your horse.
Train your horse to be supple, use his back and top line with relaxation. Yosage is good for all horses whether hunters, trail, western...
By training your horse with Equine Yosage your horse will become more responsive to your aids and love you for releasing his tight muscles. Yosage will even help a horse with back problems because it relaxes the back and stretches the spine...
Teach your horse to stretch and elongate through his spine so he carries the rider with ease and supple muscles. Releasing the horse’s back will also improve his gaits, and his attitude.
To learn more about Equine Yosage or to schedule an appointment for your horse call Kristin at 724-206-9902.

Lunging is a great way to train stretching
Blythedale stretching through his whole back.

Here is an example of a horse stretching through its whole topline - Yosage or yoga for horses.

A horse can be taught to stretch either under saddle or on the lunge line. Stretching releases all the knots in a horse's top line, enabling it to move with ease and eliminate back problems. Of course, all the stretching in the world will not help if the saddle is not fitting correctly or the rider is not sitting in balance.
Note how this horse is tracking up from the hind end and stretching throughout its whole back and spine.

Stretching your horses top line is one of the best exercises you can do for your horse.  All gymnastic training of the horse is great for its body. Stretch and flex and stretch again, dressage is simply -  Yoga for the Horse

Stretching your horse for better performance for all equine disciplines. You do not have to show in dressage to learn how to stretch your horse!

Learn how to stretch your horse like the photo illustrates.

Kristin riding circa 1980
Stretching 'down and out' to develop top line

Learn riding, ground work and lunging techniques to release tight muscles that may hamper your horse from performing and moving fluently at all three gaits. Learn to stretch the whole top line from tail to poll without the horse pulling or falling on the forehand.


Developing your horse’s suppleness throughout the whole top line will keep it sound, happy and athletic. Treat your horse to a total Yosage release by learning how to stretch the whole horse whether under saddle, on the lunge or from the ground.

Developing the top line by stretching above
Now stepping under and up into a light contact

Kristin Hermann, founder of Yosage - Yoga for Horses, is riding What Better Proof circa 1984. She self trained this off-the-track thoroughbred and competed to 2nd Level in dressage. What Better Proof became Ohio state Junior Jumper Champion for several years in a row.

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