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Jason Furda, from Divine Mayhem has followed Coventry to several shows, and takes incredible photos...



John Kuhn took a lot of the pictures we have used on
this out his site - just click on his logo.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan: "groundwork" for the Equestrian

Chewing the Reins Out of your Hands.
The first step in training your horse how to stretch...

In-Stride with Therapeutic Riding, Inc.*
*A Pennsylvania Non-Profit Corporation
*A NARHA Member Center


Relaxed, Rhythmic and Round
Learn the Three R's of Training see Training Articles

The Animal Rescue

logo-ani_2.gif is the premier showcase
for exceptional horses and ponies for sale and
at stud. Each horse on our site is featured in
their own custom photo gallery.
Check for some of Kristin's articles!

Photo by Jason Furda DevineMayhem Studies

Herbal support for horses and pets







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Go back to Coventry's index and read some of Kristin's articles she had a series in the USDF Bulletin in the 1980s



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